Administration team wins EHU Spartakiad 2012p

Administration team wins EHU Spartakiad 2012

A team of EHU administrative staff has won several events in the major EHU sporting event, Spartakiad 2012, an annual sports competition consisting of thirty-six volleyball, football, and basketball matches. This is the third time that teams consisting of undergraduate students, administration, and KVN team have fought for the title of the strongest team at EHU.

“The Spartakiad is my personal initiative that I implemented while being a first-year student. It is a huge event in the life of our university, lasting for four weeks, and includes football, volleyball and basketball competitions. My initiative was eagerly supported by both EHU administration and students. And now Spartakiada has become an annual tradition,” said Raman Bahadukhau, sports coordinator and fourth-year Cultural Heritage and Tourism student.

The administration team won the basketball championship; EHU’s KVN team was the best in volleyball; and the first-year students’ team became football champions. The Spartakiad Cup was awarded to the administration team, which ranked first place in the overall rating. The winners received medals, diplomas, and monetary rewards.

Dzianis Kuchynski, first-year Cultural Heritage and Tourism student and captain of the first-year students’ football team, said, “It was so fascinating to participate in Spartakiad. And fighting against your lecturers and vice-rector was really unusual but at the same time absolutely unforgettable. Especially when we beat them in the final football match! That’s what is great about the Spartakiad–all the University participates in it, including faculty and administration.”

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