“A truly European education”p

“A truly European education”

“You have been granted a unique opportunity to receive a truly European education because of the approaches to education that exist in your university.”

This was the message to nearly 400 new students from Dr. Dan Davidson, Vice-Chair of the Governing Board of the European Humanities University (EHU) and President of American Councils for International Education. He delivered his remarks at a ceremony marking the start of the new academic year, where faculty, staff, parents, and friends of the University were also in attendance.

“You have already become part of a united European education system,” said Dr. Davidson, “thanks to our talented faculty and because of the opportunities to participate in the international programs as well as communication with your peers here and abroad.”

Newly-appointed President of EHU, Founding Rector Prof. Anatoli Mikhailov greeted the new cohort and invited them to join in the project of building EHU.

“I am glad that a new generation of students is joining our project today,” said Prof. Mikhailov. “Created in 1992, EHU became an answer to the huge challenges that Belarus faced in the process of transformation. By closing EHU, Belarus tried to rob itself of the possibility to remain a part of the European intellectual world.”

Acting Rector of EHU Prof. David Pollick encouraged incoming students to build relationships with fellow students and faculty based on trust.

“Turn to your colleagues—they will be your friends for the rest of your lives. Turn to your faculty—you might not always like what they say, but they will care for you. I entrust you to the care of the faculty whom I trust greatly,” said Prof. Pollick.

“You will change in essential ways,” EHU Alumnus and Head of Recruitment Maksimas Milta promised new members of the EHU community. “You will have to battle with yourself. With loneliness. If you win this fight, you will find a community. It will be a most unforgettable journey.”

EHU’s Fall Semester commenced on October 1. The day’s activities included a faculty breakfast and department meetings to discuss plans for the upcoming year.

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