230 new "low residence" students enrolled this yearp

230 new "low residence" students enrolled this year

Two hundred and thirty students have joined EHU’s low residence programs for academic year 2013-14. They met this week with EHU’s leadership, faculty, and staff on the first day of their induction week on campus in Vilnius. "Low residence" (or "LR") is EHU's term for distance learning students who are pursuing degrees at EHU.

Incoming students were greeted in Belarusian by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Aliaksandr Kalbaska. The Vice-Rector expressed the hope that an education at EHU will help students find their path in life. He also encouraged students to provide feedback that will help EHU improve the quality of the student experience.

By a show of hands, more than half of the low residence freshmen indicated they are simultaneously enrolled in universities in Belarus and affirmed that they entered EHU for “intellectual freedom,” “contemporary knowledge,” “diploma recognized Europe-wide,” and the “variety of opportunities.” 

Low residence students were briefed about the education process at EHU, exchange opportunities, the activities of the Student Service, and opportunities to receive financial assistance to run their own projects.

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